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Allright, it seems that i am not in my ball park.... then lets go off of just sheer old fashioned smart ass back atcha answer ( tried to be nice) first - that good feeling i had is probably what u feel everynight and trust me bud u need jesus more than me. 2nd the tomb of jesus christ was found but there was no body " hold on a sec. isnt the bases of christianity off the fact that jesus christ died and rose again... not seeing any other empty graves 3rdly- ( to DAWKINS nothing personal i still think you are in incredible genious) the fact that he thinks religion is some kind of wherever you are thats what u believe in is bulll crap there are many people in many countries who have converted to christianity including countries such as china, sudan( being massacred for belief USED TO BE MUSLIM) if u think an enviroment has anything to do with what rleigion u say u are than yes Dawkins is right , but it is entirely diffferent than what religion u actually are. BILLY GRAHAM OUT!!!

Sun, 19 Aug 2012 05:22:01 UTC | #951026