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Well how come we didnt figure out that the earth was round until 1492 but in the bible in GENESIS it says it is or the fact that in Revelations it says that the Bear and the power from the west will fight with an eagle Bear- russia power from west- china Eagle- us.a or the fact that evelution is retarded because if we evelutionanized from apes than why are there still apes, gorillas, chimps, orangs, or whatever primate judgement day is comiing soon. Heres how i see it i have a 100% chance of not having any pain after i die . If christianity is right i go to heaven if its wrong well i go into the ground and stay ther. But if non believers are wrrong they go 2 hell. Just something to think about

Sun, 19 Aug 2012 06:27:53 UTC | #951028