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Well how come we didnt figure out that the earth was round until 1492

"We" did. The bible never actually states that the earth is a sphere. The bible at best suggests it's a circle. The bible talks about the "four corners", even. At best, it claims a two-dimensional circle but even that's questionable. The bible makes all sorts of claims that contradict a "spherical" earth. Please provide all your biblical quotes that insist that the earth is round. I'm sure you're dying to.

or the fact that evelution is retarded because if we evelutionanized from apes than why are there still apes,

You are very likely a Poe and engaging with you might get me smitten by the Mods. That's OK. We're all slightly smitten with the Mods. If you knew the Mods like I knew the Mods, you'd be smitten too.

Heres how i see it i have a 100% chance of not having any pain after i die .

That's what the evidence indicates.

If christianity is right i go to heaven if its wrong well i go into the ground and stay ther.

Unless Islam, Christian Science, Judaism, the Moonies, Mormonism (just for starters) are right. Any of them. In which case, you're in serious trouble.

Just something to think about

Yeah. I've thought about it. But without evidence, I've learned that humans are prone to asserting bat-shit crazy things and more humans are prone to believing bat-shit crazy things because we have a natural tendency to believe things without evidence. That's why infomercials, preachers and psychics (just for starters)s make so much money without possessing skill or talent. Humans are natural shills

Got evidence?

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