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One of the points that Nietzsche made with his concept of 'Ubermensch' was that of defining a set of values that people ought to live by......and that people should live as if those values were meaningful. The whole Ubermensch idea was glorified make believe that people would take seriously.....yet still knowing that it was make believe. I cannot help but feel that that is also a position that many who still follow a traditional religion are in. The 'god' trappings may be thrown away...but the core set of human values remain...and they become more akin to culture. Of course, the difference with Nietzsche is that he throws away a lot of values that derive solely from there being a god at the heart of the religion and tries to arrive at what we would today regard as a humanist set of values.

Many in religion still cling to the old 'fundamentalist' values...hence creationists, Islamic jihadists, etc etc. But I think there are also a good deal more for whom their religion is akin to what Nietzsche called for....and I think that is probably true of the more progressive and liberal Jews.

The only real issue is what point the core values of a religion have been abandoned to the point where it might as well be humanism anyway, and whether what remains is distinctly still a culture.

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