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"Christianity owes a great deal of its theology to Platonic dualism. Likewise, modern theology owes a great deal to the herculean efforts of Aquinas to reconcile the logic of Aristotle with the biblical theology."

Agreed - but not relevant to the Bible itself.

I really don't have any idea what this means. Could you explain how the basis for resurrection throught the dualism of the soul and body has nothing to do with the book in which it is written? A few more words might help.

I think what he meant, or at least what I interpreted the first time I read that, is that while Platonism was certainly important for Christian theology, most if not all of that came after the bible itself was written, not in the actual text of the bible but in interpretations by people like Augustine. From what I recall there is some speculation that (at most) some of the Gospel authors, especially the one that wrote the Gospel of John, were influenced by Plato, but that's it.

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