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The demise of all religions is only a matter of time, and what is needed to hasten this happy event is >>a strategy to oppose the Wedge Strategy and to limit the damage religious groups (of any size or >>character) do until that day.

When I was a kid, the world population hit 2 billion (the fifties).

The figure now is 7 billion plus.

According to The World Atlas of Religions there are 1.3 billion Muslims, 1.2 billion (pause) Roman Catholics, 1 Billion "other" Christians, .85 billlion Hindus, .7 billion Buddists.. and so it goes on.

Lets say 6 billion.

In 50 odd years the number of religious people has INCREASED about 6 fold - remember there were about a billion "commies" and atheists and agnostics etc in those days (.3/4 billion USSR, .6 billion China, etc).

I agree that the demise of all religions is only a matter of time but unfortunately this actually means all of us as they strive for their various versions of armageddon, end of days, ascension to paradise, etc.

The one thing the 9,000+ religions have in common is belief in an afterlife which means that this life is pointless - simply a test to wean out the true believers from the ones destined for eternity in hell or as insects/worms (I think thats the buddists).

It's that shite that makes this invented power and control mechanism so powerful and successful and why there are so many varieties (any unscrupulous individual can carve out his own flock of brainwashed believers to fleece).

It probably helps if some people think that religion is dying out and don't take the problem of this power and contriol mechanism, that has held us back for tens of millennia and continues to do so, seriously.

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