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I wrote the longest response just now, and my computer lost it all... which is a huge frustation! Let me try again, but a bit more concisely.

Thanks to so many people for joining in this discussion, I haven't been on the site for a few days and am so grateful for all the opinions and information you've shared - I feel I could probably learn a lot more just by reading what you've all posted here (and the various links and external websites recommended) than I could by reading the Bible itself. As a first time poster - it's great to know there's so many knowledgeable individuals who are happy to share such useful information.

Everyone makes very valid points, both in the 'for' and 'against' camps - which sadly leaves me no closer to making a decision! I think the decision I'm likely to arrived at, is that I will add it to my 'reading list' (which is ever expanding and I can never keep up!), but I suspect it'll remain nearer the bottom of the list for some time, mainly due to the simple fact that - I get bored easily. And the universal opinion does seem to be that, irrespective of your opinion on it's merits, it's not exactly a thrilling, page-turner of a book.

But I do still feel that I should have some key knowledge of the message of the Bible. When in discussions with others, or simply questioning things myself, I'm envious of atheists who are able to draw on a fairly in depth knowledge of the subject matter (be it Richard himself, Bill Maher in Religulous, or someone like Matt Dillahunty - I think that's his name), so I think eventually that desire to have a more substantial knowledge will lead me to reading (or attempting to read) the book in question. I just suspect it won't be any time soon....

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