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The thoughts you have in a room on your own are more clearly your own than the thoughts you have in a room with say a passive woman who may at that moment remind you of all the woman who have laughed at you in the past, which in turn are more clearly your own thoughts than those when you two are joined by a guy with a stick who tells you he will hit you with it if you touch her.

We are more or less suggestible. Our brains, particularly when young, are highly permeable to the thoughts of others. It is how culture happens.

We are both ourselves and partially a reflection of our social context. It is the "libertarian" error that all virtues and vices and all other such qualities accrue to the individual alone. This is a fanciful simplification truest perhaps for the psychopath.

"Freer will" is the only meaningful term joining those two words.

Oh and the bully has more acceptable choices than the bullied, the cop more than the collared.

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