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Linda TX:

There was not one thing I said that changed his mind, there were many things over time (not unlike evolution); discussions of astrophysics, evolution, morals, the bible, et cetera, and I do not quite know what effect each discussion had. I really think it was mostly just that he was very sheltered and had never thought to question his beliefs. He is not just some "Southern Baptist", he is an intelligent and wonderful human being, capable of rational thought and forming a world view based on evidence.

As for the politics, both of us know that Fox News is bollocks, along, for that matter with NBC and CNN and other major networks, because for them it is not about supporting an informed and rational population, it is about making money. If you really want to know, we both inadvertently convinced each other of the fallibility of a two party system where both parties are owned by the same people, creating the illusion of democracy. Granted, he is more Libertarian, and I am more Ecocentrist, and we both tugged each other a little over those lines, but we have agreed that the current American system is broken and doesn't allow for the kind of rational discussion between parties that is necessary to get anything done.

Anyway, I could really go on for ages, but this website is for discussions about science and religion, so I will hold my tongue.

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