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I'd be genuinely interested in counter examples

No, you wouldn't, or you would have addressed those already mentioned. Seems the problem is that you do not understand the nature of dualism--it is not as simple as life without a body, but a dichotomy between the material and spirit. Go read up on it a little and come back then.



PS You're right about the pnuema--a concept more accentuated by the Gnostics, but found throughout the Bible. If you can't find it, you're not looking very hard, which makes me suspect you might be a closet Christian.

Note to Red Dog: I forgot to mention that almost all of those changes to the Bible occurred after Nicaea in 325, including the famous addendum to the end of Mark to line it up with Matthew. If you want to visit the oldest Bibles, containing almost no tampering (since each book was a separate and often distinct document, there was little need for alteration until the whold ball of was pulled together after Nicaea). These oldest Bibles are the Codices Vaticanus and Sianiticus (both on line) from the middle of the 4th century. Some people (self included) strongly suspect that at least one and possibly both of these were the first Bibles ordered by Constantine to Eusebius of Cesarea. Neither, for example, contains the Mark addendum.

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