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I have read the Bible, Quran, and Bhuddist Texts. I will do Hindu next when i can get my hands on a good one.

The reason i read them is that they contain important historical information, at the very least we know what our ancestors were up to. Apparently sex and commerce is nothing new.

But religious books are all difficult read, because they are all in ancient languages, and languages evolved to such an extent the words do not mean the same now. Those who study languages may benefit more, i suspect.

Also, they are metaphorical stories, not to be taken literally, which if it is literally taken, becomes either horribly scary, or downright funny and stupid.

What these books are about are advise for us to safeguard our health, most importantly our heart. But again, being in ancient language, i simply do not see how it can be better than modern advise, although some of the ancient advise is truly golden.

As an example, the advise to beware of those who pretend to believe but really do not believe is a sound one. But this advise is usually taken to mean to believe in the book or religion itself, or believe in God, and therein lies the loss of the golden advise, making religion an absolute pain in the neck. If taken in the right light, the advise to beware of these pretenders can save us an enormous amount wasted to these confidence tricksters or conmen as they are better known. You will find religious people superb in this field of work.

In short, all the religious book is a must read, it is a windows into our ancestors past, what they had to endure, how we got here. it did not affect at all my atheist belief or stand, it in fact helped with understanding of both the religion, what our ancestors were trying to broadcast, history and evolution.

In the case of the Quran which introduced Science to the world, bits and pieces of it can be found in the Quran, in an attempt to explain that we should obey laws of God, or laws of nature, and not human made laws. This message however is almost completely lost today, the religion being misunderstood and completely twisted by the keepers of the religion who understand not this simple message.

Many laws of nature were discovered after the introduction Islam, and today we call them by their founders name, such as Einstien, Ohms, Newton, Faraday, Pascal, and a host of scientists, many whom have devoted their lives for Science.

The only few remaining traces of Islamic Science that i know of, and is also my favourite, is Al-Kohl, the founder of Alcohol, so the next time you down it, have some consideration for Islam :) and the other is Kamara which is today, the camera.

Thus Science, was born in Greece, became a toddler in Islam, and flourished as an ever exciting teenager in Europe and the US. China have their own Science, and the meeting of east and west, especially for medical purposes, reveals a huge amount of knowledge, both of which are beneficial for mankind.

Thus i have high hopes for the human race in future, provided we do not nuke each other out first, citing religion as the reason.

Apologies for being long winded,, i just have to get it off my chest !

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