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Comment 82 by Jalil :

In the case of the Quran which introduced Science to the world, bits and pieces of it can be found in the Quran, in an attempt to explain that we should obey laws of God, or laws of nature, and not human made laws. This message however is almost completely lost today, the religion being misunderstood and completely twisted by the keepers of the religion who understand not this simple message.

Many laws of nature were discovered after the introduction Islam, and today we call them by their founders name, such as Einstien, Ohms, Newton, Faraday, Pascal, and a host of scientists, many whom have devoted their lives for Science.

The only few remaining traces of Islamic Science that i know of, and is also my favourite, is Al-Kohl, the founder of Alcohol, so the next time you down it, have some consideration for Islam :) and the other is Kamara which is today, the camera.

Thus Science, was born in Greece, became a toddler in Islam,

I've seen these claims before about how the Koran or Islam invented/encouraged science but I've never seen any solid quotes from the Koran or other sources to back them up. Not saying they are false but I would like to see some justification.

Also, regarding Einstein I don't see how someone living before Newton could have discovered or introduced his ideas. You can't really understand Einstein IMO without first understanding (at a minimum) Newton. Who in particular in Islam do you claim got there before Einstein and why?

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