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In music class, I would refuse to sing Christmas carols that made any ref to religion, which is most of them. I am not against teaching the ins and outs of music with one religiously themed piece here and there, or many if it teaches the theory, but Christmas and Christmas carols are part of an entire season devoted to the promotion of one very specific religion. I would not play along, ever.

Ultimately, if the goal of playing the music is to impress the children with your god, you are an idiot. If the goal of not playing the music is a fear that any mention of god will impress your children, you are an idiot.

On this point, my daughter came home from daycare one day and mumbled something about thanks for the food, at dinner. I asked her to repeat what she said and who taught her to say it. She started counting to seven and then became a bit confused. Is there a prayer that involves counting? Count your blessings?

I fear a rogue religite is teaching the kids at a secular daycare to thank god for their food. I am arming her with a list of the appropriate people to thank when you are given food. And I know my daughter like myself, she will instruct whomever it is accordingly.

I can't wait to hear what they come up with for Santa; there is no Santa in our home.

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