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I know of no reason why anyone should feel guilty about menstruating. I don't even know where that question is coming from. Who said anyone should feel guilty about it in the first place?

I already told you that I'm lazy. If I were more disciplined, I might be more consistent. I grew up very secular, so I'm still not used to all this religical stuff. My more pious Jewish neighbors might seem like balloons to you while to me they might seem very disciplined. When I said that I'm not consistent, I'm not just talking about performing one mitzvah and not another; I'm also talking about inconsistency in the performance of a given mitzvah. E.g. some weekends I do a better job of keeping Sabbath than on some other weekends. It could be analogous to going to the gym. If I go to the gym less consistently than some other person, but I still go sometimes, is that an ideological statement? Am I a hypocrite? Maybe I'm just undisciplined.

You are assuming that you can tell if someone is being superstitious just from some superficial glance. Two different people could be performing the same mitzvah, and one might have a more superstitious interpretation of what he / she is doing than does the other one. Ghosts or no ghosts, it's all about values.

I don't know why you keep twisting things around. What's this "real Jew" stuff? The only thing that makes me Jewish is my Jewish mom. I might be a lazy one, but that's not fake as opposed to real. Did I use the "No True Scotsman" fallacy? Did I say "No True Jew" about anything?

I hope that you realize that Mr. Shahak admitted giving false testimony to make an attack on his own religion. See the Telephone Incident in his Wiki bio. Please read the whole passage -- not just the parts which confirm your prejudices. While at it, one might as well read the whole article. He might have been on the side of right somethimes, but how can one establish credibility by lying for the sake of the truth? In fact, bigots like David Duke love to quote Shahak. So I have to wonder, Amos, who is the bigger Kool Aid drinker, you or me?

Just because I'm not Jewish, doesn't mean I can't read the literature and understand it

I never said that a Gentile is any less capable of understanding Torah than a Jew. If I question your understanding or interpretation, it is only because of the content of your writing -- nothing more and nothing less. I'm sure Rabbi Wolpe would be delighted by your brilliant commentaries.

I still don't quite get what you are saying about the Holocaust. Are you saying that European Jewry didn't take proper action to defend themselves because they were waiting around for some divine intervention or something? It's easy to play the Monday morning quarterback in retrospect. Enemies are hard to handle when one (or one's group) is severely outnumbered and allies are few and far between. Whether any of it has to do with too much faith in miracles, it might come down to too much faith in men. People sometimes underestimate the extemes of visciousness of which their neighbors might be capable. From what I've read, it seems that many people just kept trusting in human decency. In the short term, cruelty ruled. Thank G-d, however, that decency isn't dead.

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