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Regarding Bob Marley: From what I've read about his family, his dad (son of Ellen Broomfield) was Jewish (i.e. according to Halacha), but his mom was not. So according to Halacha, Mr. Marley was Gentile.

Dear BenS, regarding your Comment # 59:

Methinks that thou doth protest just a little bit too much. You are (over-)reacting to things I've written here as though I were some sort of evil dictator, drunk with power, with military & police forces and courts & prisons at my disposal, persecuting & wounding you, and not letting you do what you want with your life. I keep thinking, "No Gentile would react so negatively and emotionally about this." Even though I can't see your facial expressions or body language, and even though I can't hear your tone of voice, I still detect a great deal of emotion coming from your keyboard and through my monitor.

Ben, your ancestory -- maternal or otherwise -- is your business. My love for you as a fellow human being is not changed either way whether Halacha classifies you as Jew or Gentile. If atheism makes you happy, then go with it. Religion can be toxic. I don't think that it has to be, but toxic religion is all some people know.

As for your your Comment # 54 about the Eruv: It's not about fooling anyone / anything, be it a child or the Gh-st. If you have any genuine, non-hostile curiosity as to what it is about, I can share with you my layman's understanding, or you can ask a professional snoggi, er... rabbi. May the Sn-ggle snuggle you, or the F-rce be with you, or good K-rma to you, or have a great day, whichever expression you prefer.

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