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Comment 265 by hockey08guy

Your comment only makes sense if the premises have and justification. An entity with the label 'God' and a place called Heaven need to exist for your logic to work. First you need to prove the premise, God exits and Heaven is a real place, otherwise the rest of it is bullshit. Apart from anything else, the real person that was Christopher Hitchens neither liked gods or hated them...any of them, he didn't belief such phenomena existed, ergo being with them or not makes no sense.

Heaven has been slightly misconstrued into a place that we modernly think is a place were we will frolic and skip together forever (without God). Heaven is where God is. God encompasses the whole place and for that matter is infinite.

You know this how? You are making assertions you can't defend with reason, wishful thinking and your subjective conjecture won't cut it.

It would be like if you loved somebody who did not like physical touch. You would leave them alone to honor their wishes (unless your a being a jerk).

Spoiinnnggg!!! That's exactly what the religious are well known for, leaving people alone and honouring their wishes...NOT!...hence the dickhead that wrote the OP writing it. The man is dead and still, those charitable religious nice people keep hounding him with their nonsensical religious twiddle twaddle...still, I guess even arseholes have to make a living somehow.

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