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There's nothing more creative about that twist than any of their other twists... unless you meant it literally. As in, albeit with a "creative" twist.

I did mean it literally, though I was sort of using the figurative against the poster of the idea. More for irony, as there was nothing creative about the argument.

Not necessarily. Beyond our knowledge and assumptions is just the regular, every day, bread and butter method of good science, good ethics and good art. Theists are not really appealing to "beyond". They are suggesting that we've had the answers for thousands of years. Nothing beyond about that.

"Beyond" what we know suggests that we can attain more. By that definition, "beyond" is a healthy word.

They use "beyond" in a magical, ultimate sense. They believe that no matter what humans accomplish, beliefs that date back to thousands of years before those accomplishments are better and magical. Unsurpassable.

The whole thing's a crock.

Obviously the use of the term 'forces from beyond' is used in the sense most religious people will associate with it here.

But worse, it implicates that they themselves are incapable of having any real impact if they are incapable of even approaching achieving anything of significance when measured against the impossible standards of an unreachable and non existent deity. Amazing that when speaking to those that don't think as they that they are suddenly right in line with his thoughts and intentions, but are quick to retreat to the equivalent of the old 'the lord works in mysterious ways' BS line when they reach outside their limited scope.

Such a sad shackle so many simply refuse to let go...

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