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Obviously the use of the term 'forces from beyond' is used in the sense most religious people will associate with it here.

I know. I wasn't clear. It was obvious what you meant. It's just that it got me thinking about one of the key things that frustrates me about these arguments about gods. It comes up again and again.

They hijack the whole idea that "there is more". Well, of course there's more. Science knows that and so do great artists and poets. (Entirely different disciplines, I know, but I'm talking about the "beyond" idea that they keep preaching about.)

There is no "beyond" for them. It's a cheap trick. Nothing shuts down progress in reaching beyond our limitations like believing we already have a direct channel to some kind of ultimate truth.

They have no business talking about "art" any more than "science".

Does that make sense? It's late. I haven't had much sleep.

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