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Your comment contains numerous flaws and inaccuracies.

Let's start with your unwarranted assumption that there must be a "why." There is absolutely no reason to make such an assumption other than that you want it to be so. Scarcely a reason.

In case I read your post incorrectly, we did not come from apes. (Actually we are apes, but that's a different subject.) We did not come from any animal that survives today. Ernst Myer called the common ancestor a "proconsul."

At any rate, your second completely unwarranted assumption is that there is a "soul" which exists separate from the body. No modern neuroscientist would make such a false claim. The "soul" you intuit, is merely the feeling of consciousness which is now being unraveled by scientists. But no consciousness can exist without the living brain. When your brain dies, your consciousness or soul dies with it.

So to answer: we come from the first living organisms on the planer which appeared appoximately 3.8 billion years ago. We are the products of those billions of years of evolution. No one knows where we are going. I'd tell you if I knew.

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