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Dawkins and other materialists are illegitimately over-extended. They take human interaction and religious fervor as grounds that religion is generally bad. This is true, religion does seem to cause quite a bit of turmoil and grief around the world, but to move from the viewpoint that humans aren't adequately adept to handle a concept like religion to "religion is bad" is farcical. Science holds no bearing on moral truths. Science holds no bearing on the concept of God to begin with, because as a system of axiomatic proof, it is inherently bound by the physical reality we occupy. I'm tired of Dawkins making the leap from "It cannot be observed by science" to "It doesn't exist." As a critical thinker, he's a lightweight, which is why instead of offering sound and reasonable arguments against his dissenters, he slanders them with ad hominems. Anyone who seriously wishes to think about reality, religion, and science can read "Mind and Cosmos" and watch Thomas Nagel reduce Dawkins' entire intellectual premise to that of a screaming baby.

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