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I think Steve Zara has got Oz spot on. Perhaps I lead a charmed life because I've hit a wombat at night and done no damage to the animal, myself, or the car and I once brushed a spider off my neck only to find that it was a redback. So I never go out once I'm there – it's too dangerous. I get my sunshine from a sunbed ;-) As for the sea, lakes, and rivers, I never go for a swim, either. (Fishes fuck in them.)

Stories about the dangerous nature of Oz are put about by those who want to keep the place nice and select. I'm sure Veronique could tell us the actual fatalities from various fauna but the number's actually very low. IIRC, despite Australia's being home to several of the World's deadliest snakes, there've been no fatalities from them for quite a few years.

OK Veronique, about all this 'jackshit' business: have you read the Aussie Constitution? Have you seen the original Magna Carta in Canberra? I've done both and I have a copy of one - I can't remember which. Can you name just two mistakes – and there are quite a few – in Bill Bryson's otherwise excellent book Down Under?

Back on topic: it's interesting to see so many programmes now having a go at religion. Since Marcus Brigstocke's rant, Can the rest of us have our planet back: Click here, there have been many other digs/tilts in UK comedy programmes and there's a lovely cartoon in The Grauniad, today: Click here.

The zeitgeist is changing. Religion is never going to have it easy again. Faith is no longer universally accepted as beyond criticism. The gentle mockery of Dave Allen is being replaced with a more robust indignation. Hooray!

Religion – an activity for consenting adults in private.
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