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Mainly for Veronique and other Aussies:

Para 116 of the Aussie Constitution with respect to Church & State is based on the similar US First Amendment. It's actually weaker than the US version in that it doesn't prohibit individual states of the Commonwealth of Oz from going all religious… Queensland is strange enough as it is… I mean, they were the last state, despite the name, to decriminalise gays, and they gave you Pauline Hanson.

Two errors in Bryson: On p. 107 of Down Under, (London: Doubleday, 2000) Bryson says that the seats in the Australian Senate are '…in a restful ochre tone.' Actually, they're dusky or pastel pink. Further, the seats in the House are pastel green, giving each chamber pale versions of those in the UK parliament.

He also lists the giant koala as being at Moyston (p. 138). Actually, it's at Dadswell Bridge.

One further snide comment: Our 'Strictly Come Dancing' ('Dancing with the stars' in Oz) has just finished over here. It brought to mind that, a few years ago, Pauline Hanson got to the Aussie final ;-)

Finally, when the Aussie version of 'What not to wear' was launched, they asked for nominees for people whose dress-sense was 'a little lacking'. I nominated 'everyone in Australia'. Cheeky but spot on, eh?

I'll be Down Under for two months, arriving on Jan 18th. I'll have a car for the whole of the period – I do like making free with your cheap petrol ;-). I feel so 'green' that way ;-). I'll PM you when plans firm up a bit. I'll be in Sydney very briefly, in Melbourne (my son's there), Adelaide, and perhaps Canberra. The rest of the time, I'll be 'saving the planet', touring. Anyone who fancies a tinnie/stub or vino, drop me a PM, please.

I like Steve's idea of meeting in the UK. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Religion – an activity for consenting adults in private.

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