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Hi, Gary
I'm certainly in agreement with the sense of your article - like you I also have:

" a doubt about what I take to be new in the new atheism: that is, the conviction that we are morally obligated to try to destroy religion."

I just don't get this at all. I don't get the idea that atheism requires that one take upon oneself any sort of moral obligation to destroy religion. I have made the point in many posts to this website that I think TGD has crossed a line - a line that I label as being one of dignity - that we need always to seek, in our dealings with others, to accord them the dignity of their humanity.
That requires, surely, that we do not seek to cause unnecessary pain to another because of the content of their belief, because of the content of their minds. Obviously, when theology seeks a political expression we should be mounting the barricades...Apart from that circumstance, in the area of private belief and practice, we should not seek to cross a line whereby we fail to respect the fundamental dignity of others. An atheist crusade against religion is not just nonsense - it is also to bring scorn upon atheism itself. I have been completely stunned by some of the comments on this site - it's like being in some sort of atheist kindergarten...

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