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Gravatars (Avatars)

Gravatar - A Globally Recognized Avatar

One feature in particular that should make the use of avatars much easier, both on and all of the sites where you have accounts, is by using a feature called Gravatars. 

These will replace the avatars you have set up with your accounts and allow you to manage your images in a central location. If you want to have an avatar on it must be via

Setting up an account on their site is simple and easy to do. All you do is provide it with the e-mail address you wish to use and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. After clicking and being returned to the gravatar site they will step you through adding images and associating them with various e-mail addresses that you own.

Here's a short video from their site. 

Simply put, if you have an avatar on 10 sites, rather than uploading it 10 times, once to each site, then if you want to change it, change it on 10 sites, you only need to upload it to one central place. If you want to change your avatar you only need to change it in one place and it will be automatically used on all of the sites referencing a specific e-mail address which use Gravatars.

Your Gravatar userid can be anything you want as long as the name is available. The Gravatar account id and the Gravatar e-mail that you register on Gravatar with do not need to be associated with anything on You can add the e-mail you use to sign into separately.

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