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Ratzinger not in the top 10

One may think that Ratzinger is one of the worst popes ever, one would be wrong. Ratzinger does not even make the top ten list and after reading about these guys you can see why.

The Vatican Hall of Shame
The Catholic Church has a history. Boy, does it...

By Tony Perrottet

“Lord, give me chastity and self-control — but not yet."
           — Prayer of the young Saint Augustine, c.380 A.D.

The scandals may be coming thick and strong from the Vatican at the moment, but the Church has always waged a losing battle with its own vice-ridden staff. The problem was that transgressions from official policy often began at the top. Fellow priests put one of the first popes, Sixtus III (432-40), on trial for seducing a nun. He was acquitted after quoting from Christ in his defense: “Let you who are without sin cast the first stone.” In the centuries to follow, political skullduggery and a corrupt election process thrust one improbable candidate after another into the position as god-fearing believers looked on in impotent horror. In fact, so many Vicars of Christ have been denounced as the “Worst Pope Ever” that we have to settle for a Top Ten list.



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