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Richard Dawkins Typography - Comments

mordacious1's Avatar Comment 1 by mordacious1


I like it. Well done, as is everything on the Nirmukta sites (.com/.net). I visit at least once a week to  see what's going on in India. Keep up the good work.

Sat, 15 May 2010 14:13:03 UTC | #470274

Bala's Avatar Comment 2 by Bala

Thanks mordacious1.

Sat, 15 May 2010 14:18:13 UTC | #470275

mjwemdee's Avatar Comment 3 by mjwemdee

Gosh - all I can say is: if that's your first attempt, you've got a GREAT career ahead of you...

Sat, 15 May 2010 19:42:19 UTC | #470323

winindoubt's Avatar Comment 4 by winindoubt

Very well done!!! I look forward to seeing more of your work soon.

Sat, 15 May 2010 22:06:18 UTC | #470353

William T. Dawkins's Avatar Comment 5 by William T. Dawkins


Great Job! I like how you incorporated the maps and other things along with the type. It makes a very stricking effect.

Sun, 16 May 2010 05:22:35 UTC | #470408

submoron's Avatar Comment 6 by submoron

It's the first that I've seen anything of this sort, but it looks very professional!

Sun, 16 May 2010 16:37:40 UTC | #470559