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S. E. Cupp

Is anyone familiar with S. E. Cupp? She seems to be all over the networks lately. I must say, there are few people who really irritate me anymore. Yes, I'll give Palin the finger when she is blathering on about something idiotic, but I don't really get incensed because she says basically, "Hi, I'm an idiot and here are my idiotic beliefs". It's like when a pitbull bites someone, yes it's bad but rather expected.

What bothers me about Cupp is that she states some nonsense about being an atheist and then spouts  christian right-wing crap. I think that she realizes there is a niche for someone claiming atheism who supports Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity etc.

If you're not familiar with her (lucky you!) here's a link to her website:

There's a clip there of her on Hannity and some transcripts and clips of some other appearances. She was also on Bill Maher's show here:

Which is worth watching even if you don't want to see this flake in action.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has seen her and has been annoyed at her atheism/conservative/christian agenda...a wolf in sheep's clothing.



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