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Thunderf00t is going too far

When I first joined YouTube and came across TF's channel I was unimpressed, all he seemed to do was to mock some school boy, so I browsed off elsewhere.

At some point I stumbled across his channel again, this time I saw a video in which he debunked some ridiculous creationist claim about a layer of ice in space hitting the Earth to cause a worldwide flood (Noah's Ark.) This time the video was much better, using science to completely destroy the argument, this time I subscribed.

Recently though I have been very disappointed. Although I agree with his sentiments that we should all of the right to free speech I feel that TF is being insulting for no reason at all. Free speech is the right to open your mouth and show everyone what an ass you can be, but that doesn't mean you should exercise that right.

The user GoThatFunk started a "Draw Muhammad" viral video in which people were encouraged to draw stick men and label it Muhammad. This was not only breaking the taboo of drawing Muhammad but also did it in a way that was so inoffensive that it made it obvious it was the viewer inferring the insult.

TF's recent videos calling people in the Muslim world "ants" compared to us in the west as "Gods" are just hate mongering. His more recent video is just a pathetic attempt to get attention. Drawing Muhammad as paedophile bear then burning it and stamping on it, what is the point of that? To prove that people will get offended if you are deliberately offensive?

I think Islam is plainly rubbish, if you read the Quran objectively it is obvious that there are many incorrect 7th century beliefs within it (flat earth, geocentric universe, etc) but that is no reason to be obnoxious towards the people who believe that rubbish is true.

I feel that over time the sentiment of trying to illustrate how ridiculous Islam has become has started to evolve into something much worse, it is becoming anti-Muslim; and that is just outright wrong. TF burning a deliberately offensive image and stamping on it whilst his fan group cheer him on is simply immoral, and his mantra that every Muslim is a collaborator of the killings after the Danish cartoon episode just because they didn't come out and counter protest disgusts me. Guilt by association is the tool used to convince people to crash hijacked planes into buildings, or to blow up trains on the London underground.

As a consequence I've taken down all of my own videos in which I mock Islam (note: Islam, not Muslims.) I don't want to be associated with this worldwide anti-Muslim zeitgeist which seems to be developing (on YouTube at least.)

Point out how ludicrous an unfounded belief is by all means, but don't deliberately disrespect the person - people tend not to listen if they think you are an asshole, you just get their back up!



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