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More effective bus campaigns

Is it a coincidence that the two most widespread religions, christianity and islam, are both religions that preach an eternal hell? Most likely, no.

It is a very effective persuasion tool to be able to say: Believe this, or you will be tormented in an eternal hell for ever and ever.

Is it a coincidence that Europe, the place where people are the least religious, is also a place where the doctrine of hell doesn't have the grip on people that it once had? Even believers and clergy in Europe doubt that hell is real. When you are no longer afraid of hellfire, religion doesn't seem all that important anymore.

So if the doctrine of hell is at the very core of both religions, why not direct the attack there?

There have been bus campaigns with the message "There is probably no God, so stop worrying and enjoy your life", but perhaps "There is no hell, so stop worrying and enjoy your life" should be tried also.

An advantage of this is that it would probably lead to a different discussion, not so much about for or against Gud, which most people have heard by now.

It could be perceived as a more positive message, because it argues against the existence of something believers think is negative (hell) rather than something believers think is positive (God).

Perhaps it could be an aha-experience for some believers to realize that when you take the fear of hell away, religion isn't actually that convincing.

I could be an opportunity to point out that to what extent religion is actually based on fear.

It could also be an opportunity to discuss morality and the reasons why we are moral. Isn't it kind of sad if people believe that the prospect of hell is the only reason to be moral? And so on.

For these reasons, I think "There is no hell, so stop worrying and enjoy your life" should be tried in future bus campaigns.

My apologies if someone has brought this up before.



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