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Where Does Homosexuality Fit In The Evolutionary Process?? (PLEASE HELP!)

The main reason I am going to ask the following question is because I am gay and through my so far short but continuing study of evolution and science I seem to be finding that homosexuality looks as if it is un-Darwinian. I will quote some excerpts from Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion," to show you what I mean. Again, I am no scientist but only a music education major so my understanding of science and evolution is elementary at best. This is why I come to the fine members of the Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason And Science to help me out with this issue. Here are the quotes:

Chapter 6 "The Roots of Morality: Why Are We Good?"

Page 253, First Paragraph.

"An intelligent couple can read their Darwin and know that the ultimate reason for their sexual urges is procreation."

Same Page, Second Paragraph.

"We can no more help ourselves feeling pity when we see a weeping unfortunate (who is unrelated and unable to reciprocate) than we can help ourselves feeling lust for a member of the opposite sex (who may be infertile or otherwise unable to reproduce)."

The problems I am having should be obvious. First of all, if the root of sexual desire is to reproduce (and obviously two men or two women cannot reproduce) then what justifies, Darwinianly, my sexual desire for other men and the complete lack of sexual desire for women?

Secondly, in the second quote Dawkins only speaks of a heterosexual feeling of lust. Being the very well educated man that he is, one would think that he would include a reason for homosexuality in this area of the book. However, he does not. I do not wish to put words or thoughts into Mr. Dawkins head but does his lack of explaining this mean that homosexuality is an unnatural or un-Darwinian desire?

Again, I am no scientist. I am just a tad confused on where homosexuality fits into the whole evolutionary process and why homosexuality exists. It seems to me that the fact that it involuntarily exists in humans and is something that we have no control over constitutes that it is indeed natural. But then again if the root of sexual desire is reproduction, then we have a contradiction.

Please help me out with this. You can imagine that the thought of having to live with a desire that might be unnatural, although I believe it is 100% natural, but yet, a desire that you cannot control would be very disheartening. So I ask everyone who has some INTELLIGENT advice and ideas to spill them out. And if there are any homophobes out there, please refrain from rude and abusive comments. Thanks!




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