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Abortion, confusion, and facts.

Hi everyone. I know the issue of abortion is a hot topic for some so let me begin by saying I am really not trying to cause a wave of name calling and argument. I am simply curious to get opinions and thoughts on this topic from an atheistic/scientific group of people. The reason is because of my own unsurety on this topic.

I am somewhat new to atheism, and have not gotten very far in my university studies yet, so I will be the first to admit that I am not sure of what the science says on the matter (embryo development, health risks involved, stuff like that).

Having said that, I should explain that I grew up with very fundamentalist parents who told me before I even knew what abortion was that it was evil, sinful, etc.

Now that I am an atheist, I wouldn't use those words to describe what I feel about abortion but still, for some reason I can't quite identify, I feel it is wrong.

The most coherent articulation that I've come up with to explain my contempt towards this practice if not necessary, is that of the potential of the embryo. I mean, if left undisturbed, then the embryo ( or even the first little cluster of cells), will develop into a human being. I just feel uncomfortable with the idea of intentionally interrupting the process, no matter what stage it is in.

Does anyone know if this is logical or valid? Perhaps it is a result of being more familiar with what the pro-lifers feel on the issue. Can anyone figure out why it would be murder to intentionally terminate life after it is out of the womb as opposed to while it is still inside?? I must say I am a bit confused ....

I am also curious to know if atheists are almost always in favor of this practice, or if it is consistent to be opposed to it on ethical grounds, but not on theological grounds.



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