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Larsen's Embryology used to bolster bogus Biodynamics

Dear Richard and readers,

I’m most concerned that the growing and massively popular bogus technologies of Steiner’s Anthroposophy movement are now using Larsen’s work to give their crack-pot ideas some semblance of respectability. Though clearly and transparently bogus to those with a rational approach, there are now millions of people around the world following Steiner’s vile philosophy.

If you, your colleagues and/or your students would like to comment on some of the ‘practices’ suggested by these charlatans it would help to slow spread of this crazy stuff – an example of which appears below:.

"I am endlessly trying to make sense of embryology. It provides many insights into how the body moves and heals in the biodynamic paradigm. Buying the new, 4th, edition of Larsen’s Human Embryology (very good, especially the online features), plus a debate with Ged (we actually got to meet in Brighton instead of skype from various corners of the world) prompted me to make a mindmap on my top ten embryology insights that inform my practice. It is focused on understandings that have actually made a difference to how I treat and perceive change. You can download the full mindmap here: 4. Ignition dynamics • Surges of potency at different stages of development (plus sparking up of three centres at birth). • Conception. • Heart beating. • Laying down of the neural tube. • Ignition in the third ventricle in the neural cavity, the heart in the thoracic cavity and the umbilicus in the abdominal cavity. How it supports practice: Orienting to potency spreading from the three major ignition centres into their surrounding cavities is an extremely powerful orientation. Often one of the ignition centres feels relatively dampened down. Ignition can be seen as the emergence of coherence and order.*


I have started one of several blogs on the net attempting to expose and denounce the ‘work’ of Anthroposophy; support from the scientific community would certainly be beneficial. My own new blog is at

I would be most grateful if any comments here are also made on my blog to enhance the catchment of readership.

Yours Sincerely, Nick Nakorn


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