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That's Evolution (.com) - for young children

When I got Daniel Loxton's book Evolution, I was so inspired by how my young son took to it that I wanted to help him get his hands on a few of the ideas ... so I started making a few website 'games' ...

... i started this a while ago and have left it for some time - with one other idea half done somewhere - and looking at it again now, i'm thinking maybe i will try to do some more with it over the school holidays, with my son's help.

the thing i am trying to get at with it, is particularly with the Moth one ... that it's easy and natural for a child to play a part in - and the result is blindingly obvious, not because it's pre-defined in the programming, but because that's just what happens when you eat all the moths you can see.

i've purposefully help back on many explanations - and am designing it in a way that works between me and my son ... so, very much needing an adult to be there to help and explain.

There's not really much to it at all yet, and while it seems all very complicated to properly achieve, i think i need to keep it that way - i'm hoping i can pin down these ideas in a very simple, direct and honest way (honest in the sense that the programming doesn't manipulate anything secretly to make the results happen) ... so a parent can say "That's Evolution!" ... tho, ok, maybe it should be selection or whatever, but that's all a bit much to worry about.

Anyways, that's where i got to with this a while ago and i'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas or knows of other things like this for young children that i could find and have a look at ... to get myself going on it again :o)


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