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Richard Dawkins' Missing Link - A Book on the Evolution of Sex

Hi, I am half way through reading The Ancestors Tale and I am sorry to say that it looks like it will be the last book, written by Richard Dawkins about evolution, that I shall ever read. This is not because this book has put me off, however. It is because I have read all of Richard Dawkins' other books dealing with the subject. So it looks like the great journey, starting with a chance reading of The Selfish Gene after hearing about it in a psychology lecture on altruism, is coming to an end.

Looking back on this journey, I feel almost totally satisfied. Richard Dawkins has re-introduced me to science, in a way that has interested me that I would have never thought possible back in my GCSE days. He has introduced me to other worthy speakers, writers and other fields too. I feel as though I am well placed to explain about almost any aspect of the theory of evolution to a layperson. For all that, I thankyou Richard Dawkins.

There is, however, one more thing that could upgrade this journey from first class to concorde, one evolutionary area which Richard has not ventured into in the form of a book, what may be called Richard Dawkins' missing link - a book on the evolution of sex.

I hope others will join me in saying please Richard, please write that book, that book which you have alluded to once or twice in your other writings.




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