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Death to Apostates favoured by three quarters of Pakistanis?

Pakistan is the epicentre of much of the world’s Islam-inspired trouble (which I guess means much of the world’s trouble). Pakistan is the country to which most of Britain’s Muslims trace their roots, and to which many return from time to time. Pakistan has nuclear weapons, the so-called Islamic Bomb. Public opinion in Pakistan is therefore of some interest.

The Pew Research Center published, on July 29th 2010, a survey of public opinion in Pakistan. This was part of a larger Pew Global Attitudes Survey. The report on Pakistan in particular can be seen at

The following conclusions caught my eye:-

  1. 85% favour segregation of men and women in the workplace

  2. 82% think adulterers should be stoned to death

  3. 82% think thieves should be whipped or have their hands cut off

  4. 76% favour the death penalty for people who leave Islam

I refrain from comment, except to note that we are constantly told that such odious views are held only by a tiny minority of ‘extremists’. The vast majority of Muslims, so we are continually assured, have no truck with such extremes. I should like to believe these soothing reassurances. But that means I should like to be given some reason to believe them. I’d also be interested to see an up-to-date survey of British Muslims asking the same questions, although I am fearful of what it might show.




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