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Upholding the rule of law in Saudi

Last week a Sri Lankan mother of three flew home, after several months working in Saudi as a maid, to have 13 nails and five needles removed from her body, having been tortured by her employers after she complained of overwork. Official protests to the Saudi government by Sri Lanka have as yet received no response.

According to another report in the Independent there may have been 24 nails, and they were hammered into her body when hot. And "many" of the 1.4 million Sri Lankans employed in the Middle East, generally as maids, have complained of "physical abuse or harassment."

If the rulers of Saudi truly expect the rest of the world to believe that their professed version of Islam is a benign and peaceful religion, no doubt they will hasten to arrest LT Ariyawathi's easily identifiable "employers" and exact a suitable Sharia punishment.

If not, then presumably they will forgive us for assuming that Saudi nationals are deemed to be above the law, are institutionally racist towards the hired help they need to import to help their dysfunctional society survive, and they will also forgive us for drawing our own inevitable conclusions about Saudi, the House of Saud, and Wahhabist Islam itself.



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