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Three years on, Creation Museum is evolving

By Dennis O'Connor

PETERSBURG, Ky. (RNS) Ken Ham, the Australian-born creator of the Creation Museum, looks around the throng of about a thousand guests on a hot, August morning and notes that “for a Tuesday, this is not a bad crowd.”

In fact, more than three years after it opened in this remote corner of Kentucky, the 70,000-square-foot “walk through the Bible,” consisting of animatronic displays, video features, theaters and restaurants has evolved into a thriving enterprise.

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I never know whether to blush with shame (for the U.S.) or laugh out loud about this. It's sad really that this place is doing so well (if indeed that is true). My wife knows of a local family, who homeschool their kids, that took an "educational field trip" to this place. It brings up, in my mind, the whole child abuse issue again.



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