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UFOs and Christian "Scientists"

I was listening to the radio on my way to work today (yes, I work on Labor Day). I passed by a Christian radio station and heard a discussion about UFOs. The speaker was saying that according to science, there cannot be UFOs coming from deep in outer space because the velocity required for space travel from other galaxies would be too dangerous. Anything moving that fast would have been destroyed by debris.

The conclusion of the discussion was that there are no UFOs. What people think are UFOs are either planes or other things mistaken for UFOs OR, according to "Christian Scientists" the result of demonic activity. Personally, I prefer to believe in UFOs rather than "demonic activity".

I was wondering, however, if there is anything to this person's claim that the velocity required for inter-galactic travel is so great that nothing would survive because it would collide with debris and be destroyed before it could get very far.



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