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Petraeus warns of desecrating the Koran

Petraeus: Koran burning plan will endanger US troops

"The top US commander in Afghanistan has warned that troops' lives will be in danger if an American church sticks to its plan to burn copies of the Koran."

I'm of the opinion that there is nothing holy or sacred about anything and that in a free society we shouldn't be afraid of offending anyone with our speech and/or harmless actions.

There is nothing illegal about what the US citizens in question are planning to do, but can it be considered immoral given that this is likely to incite violence which will possibly end up with people needlessly dying?

Yes Islam is violent and dangerous and yes, if people do get killed the blame will rest entirely on those who thought it was worth killing over a book. However, one cannot avoid the fact that there will be a violent correlation between this church group burning the Koran and the (likely) violent ourbursts of hate in the middle east and asia.

Of course the other option, to not burn the Koran out of fear of misguided people becoming violent, doesn't sound appealing either.

With all this and other considerations in mind, will people be showing the same support for the evangelical church group as they showed for the Danish cartoonist?


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