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Help Needed For My Countdown To New Year Atheist Celebration.

Hi, Could anyone give me ideas or information as to how and when, if any, do Atheists celebrate the season through December up top the coming of a new year. The reason why I ask this is, I have had to be respecting of 'Christmas' for 25 years and, in so doing I have unwittingly subjected my now grown up children to religious indoctrination. This has happened because I was unable to challenge the religious side and all the niceties that have been linked with religions and associated to Xmas like glitzy decorations, songs, TV programmes, food, drink, gifts, pretty Xmas trees and lights, etc, etc. I had a heated and a somewhat argumentative fall out with my Mrs. over this issue. It was only after I fiercely defended my stance and views and, devised an 'alternative' to please her, that she calmed down. I told her that I had respected the norm of celebrating Xmas for 25 years and now it was time she respected mine. My problem was, I didn't have an alternative to the years of merriment and glitz and she said I was going to be a bore and spoil sport. This has caused a big riff in our relationship. I need help and ideas. I know that the clock/time has even been dictated by religious events but, I'm not able to make a change to this so, I have to work round it. I want to develop a celebratory way for the close of the year and one that will cross over religious Xmas and be a good alternative. I'm thinking that I'd like to use the last 12 days before New Years Day as a 'countdown' that celebrates every month of the year just passed. I want symbols that stir emotions and that will 'please' in a way that isn't overshadowed by Xmas visual niceties. I'd like the one of the 12 'months' celebration to encompass appreciations and respect of the planet. I intend to give gifts on New Years Day as a welcome in for the new year. The other 11 days could still have a seasonal 'Snowman' type of theme and I could still use a different type of 'Hand Made' craft products on another day (This would please traders who will be a great help in growing the popularity of a Non religious celebration, even if this is commercialisation) I need other suggestions please. Ones that will save my relationship and give me a good valid alternative to religious people and non religious people who are fixed to 'Christmas' but could have a way out. Thank you in anticipation.


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