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Posters for the protests against the pope.

Like many others, I am planning to be part of the Protest the Pope march and rally in London on Saturday 18th September. I have been thinking of designs for posters and have come up with some designs that I would like to share. I have arranged for the moderators to have access to them and hope that people on this site will be able to use them / comment on them / alter them as they see fit.

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One thing I am not sure about, for example, is whether it is a mistake to focus on the idea of arresting and prosecuting the pope. That is probably an overly simplistic knee jerk response to the complicated issues raised in Geoffrey Robertson's book and perhaps it is better to let the book do its stuff and concentrate on other angles.

What do you think?

More practically - ideas for placard holders that are not too heavy and unwieldy but yet waterproof and keep good visibility?


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