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The Devil is Good, God is Evil

Firstly I do not believe that either the devil or god actually exist in any other form that in peoples imaginations. But if we take an objective look at these made up fictional characters, it seems to me that the character of god is that of pure evil and that of the devil is, in fact, quite good.

The myth that the devil will torture us for eternity if we go to hell is not actually stated anywhere in the bible and there is quite a lot about this on the Internet if anyone wants to read up on it further - so he cannot have this hung on him. In any case if that were supposedly true, isn't it god who sends people there just to be tortured for eternity for not obeying his will? That brings to mind the behaviour of gangsters who would kneecap their victims or have them brutally assaulted if they did not pay their protection money or do the gangsters will.

If something bad happens like an earthquake or a Tsunami, we tend to call it 'an act of god' not an 'act of the devil'. Why?

Throughout the bible there are numerous accounts of god dishing out divine punishment by way of genocide, plagues, ethnic cleansing, and the like. If the bible were the word of god, then god supports infanticide, slavery, torture genocide and all manner of death destruction and suffering. I do not know of any mention of the devil being blamed for such things.

The only thing that the devil is accused of doing 'wrong' was encouraging the naive Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. Is knowledge a bad thing? surely not. Knowledge has enabled mankind to cure infectious diseases, perform life saving surgery, feed the hungry, rescue victims of natural disasters in helicopters, lifeboats and the like.

God, who would deny us this knowledge, has, according to believers, punished the whole of mankind in perpetuity for this 'original sin', as well as punishing all species of snake for ever more by removing their legs! God, who supposedly can cure all these things by invoking miracles chooses not to, except for a few demonstrations of his alleged power by curing one leper victim - rather than eliminating leprosy, he will feed 5,000 with a loaf and a fish but will not eliminate starvation and hunger, make a blind man see but leave countless others still blind etc etc .

It beggars my belief that millions of 'believers' claim that god is good, when the 'evidence' from his alleged behaviours and teachings is so comprehensively the opposite.

Just take the Crucifixion as an example - the foundation of the Christian religion. This is nothing less than a human sacrifice, and purportedly to allow sinners to go free of punishment for their sins. What father would have his own son, a 'good man' by all accounts, brutally tortured and murdered so that 'bad' people could be let of their crimes?

If the answer is that god loves us all and wants us to be forgiven why did he not just do that? Why insist on a bloodthirsty Crucifixion first?

I challenge anybody, religious or atheist, to come up with anything bad that the devil did and any 'evidence' that god is truly good. Evidence in this case meaning that which is purported / alleged to be true in the bible, or other religious books. And please don't say that curing one leper or one blind person is evidence of doing / being good. If a doctor or pharmaceutical company had the cure for these things and only allowed one person to be treated, no-one would say that they were good. Use the same logic that you would apply to a person or a corporation.

God, if we were to believe in him, is no more that a terrorist, that is why his followers are said to be 'god fearing'. His followers must surely be evil at heart because they believe that we all (including themselves) would be incapable of being good, moral people unless we learn to 'fear' this tyrant and do his bidding, like Abraham who was terrorised to the brink of killing his own innocent son for fear of god's wrath. How cruel and sadistic was that? OK so god let him off at the last minute, but if a human being did what god was supposed to have done in the Abraham story he or she would end up in prison, or maybe a psychiatric hospital.

What is it in the human psyche that facilitates such a mass delusion and failure of objectivity? Maybe the desire to a happy afterlife is so overwhelming that we (well the religious 'believers' at any rate') to turn a blind eye to god's overwhelming propensity for evil. And isn't that selfish and evil in it's own way? Just as many ordinary Germans did not speak out against Hitler and the Nazis' in the years leading up to and during the second World War for fear of risking their own necks.

Turn a blind eye and make out that you don't understand his grand plan (he works in mysterious ways you know!) but it must be good because HE is good!

Yeah... doing evil and making out that it is good - that is pretty mysterious!


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