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Bioelectric Photography - Real Science or Pseudoscience?

I am a history student at University of Toronto and a skeptic. A friend of mine posted a video on facebook about bioelectric photography, and how a Russian scientist is showing how our "energy" can effect our environment, possibly for the better. This is the news story:

When I watched the video I was immediately reminded of Deepak Chopra's pseudo-physics (if you can call it that). But this scientist seems to have a little more credibility than Deepak Chopra, at least, he doesn't have his own Zuit beverage pyramid scheme. But it's hard to gain much insight from the story. When I consider science I expect clear definitions. What "energy" is being discussed? What is meant by the "environment"? How exactly can it be "shaped"? None of these questions are answered in the video, instead vague statements are made with some titillating technology photos.

What does the RDF community think?





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