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Questions for my Los Angeles talk

Next week I travel to Los Angeles for the conference of the Council for Secular Humanism (affiliated with CFI) where, on Friday 8th October, I am to receive a generous pecuniary award which I shall immediately present to RDFRS. I am to make a 40 minute acceptance speech after dinner. Trying to decide what to say to a bunch of freethinkers/atheists/humanists, Todd Stiefel suggested to me that I might appeal in this forum for questions that I could answer. The idea would be to avoid the standard questions that I usually get (like "What will be the future evolution of humanity?", or "How did you lose your faith?") and concentrate on questions that I don't usually get asked. Without definitely committing myself to the idea, I would be grateful if readers of this thread could suggest questions that they think I might answer in ways that might interest the members of the conference. I shall certainly read all questions submitted, and I shall answer them if it seems suitable for a gracious speech of acceptance, on behalf of RDFRS, at the CSH conference.




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