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Calling All Black Atheists

Atheism in the "black community" is a topic that has been mentioned in passing on various threads on RDFRS but a full discussion has yet to be done on it.

A quick google search for "black atheists" optimistically suggests 1.2 million web hits but searching through some these shows that only a few actually relate to black atheism. Of the very few websites that do, many are defunct, others are poorly put together and those that apparently function well (, for example) seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of a single prominent black atheist. One website ( suggests a few names (James Baldwin, W. E. B. DuBois, Richard Wright, Alice Walker, Frederick Douglas, Langston Hughes) but these are all men and dead, with the exception of Alice Walker.

Why are black atheists necessary?

Well, the PEW Research Center's publications on religion in America consistently shows that American blacks are some of the most faithful and certain in their religious convictions (90 plus percent).

Moreover, in Africa, traditional Christianity (C of E and Catholicism), modern Evangelism and Islam often mixes in with mysticism of a local variety in cottage industries that create a heady brew of superstitions that even lead to outrages where some albinos and children are condemned as witches or hunted for their alleged medicinal qualities. Did someone say this was the year CE 2010, not AD 1010? Thought so.

With all these religious chains around their necks, with the supposed battle raging between scientific theories like Evolution and religious ones like Creationism, with the spread of diseases like HIV in Africa and the Pope's outrageous attitude on condoms, with the rise in homophobic and anti-abortion sentiment in many parts of the black community, isn't it time black atheists ( including rationalists, and humanists) stood up to be counted?



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