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Why all the anonymity?

Since these comments pages have not become populated by abusive idiots, as was sometimes the case with the old ‘forum’, why do so many people hide behind anonymity?

I am puzzled by this phenomenon.

I dislike this aspect of the internet, and feel irritation* at being expected to engage in discussion with people who are frequently just silly names, and for all one knows could be cunning AI programs :)

In some cases anonymity is indicated to ensure safety, or to avoid discord with family and friends, but surely such cases must be the exception.

I suggest that, almost by definition, anyone who fully accepts reason and science as the ultimate guiding principle in their life should be proud to advertise the fact.

Furthermore, I hold that hiding behind false names may give the impression that members are either secretly ashamed of their atheism, or are reserving the right to abuse other people in a way they would never dare face-to-face. Neither trait is attractive.

So, ladies and gentlemen, at the risk of presumption, I challenge you to reveal all. (Perhaps with your old nickname in brackets, or vice-versa). Or, alternatively, explain clearly why you can’t do that.

We should stand tall, and let the abusive fools and nay-sayers hide: it weakens their case.

*Please, no one take this personally. The sun coming up in the morning can irritate me: it’s called ‘ageing’ :)



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