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Union Flag: dangerous stuff?

The national flag of England is the Cross (yes, modelled on that cross) of St George, and is in turn incorporated into the Union Flag. That flag in turn appears in the corner of various Commonwealth countries etc.

There is also an unresolved question following Irish independence in 1922 about continuing to incorporate the Cross of St Patrick.

Further, the right for a saint to have a cross as a symbol is apparently dependent on whether or not the saint was a martyr: St Patrick was not.

The Scottish saltire is of course St Andrew's Cross, commemorating that particular saint's crucifixion on an X-shaped cross.

So that's three Christian saints, two of them martyrs, being celebrated.

What do we think about having overtly religious symbols on our national flag(s)? Should atheists decline to salute such a flag?

Or should we knowingly and mischievously, in these multicultural times, celebrate it as a two-fingered salute to Islam?



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