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A Statement From RDFRS Counsel, Blaine Greenberg, Esq.:

As the media have reported, RDFRS and Professor Richard Dawkins filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on October 4, 2010 against Josh Timonen, Maureen Norton and Upper Branch Productions, Inc.  A copy of the Complaint is available at this link: COMPLAINT.

I am plaintiffs' litigation counsel.  I drafted all the material contained in its 18 pages.  The Complaint's language and allegations are written and made by me on behalf of my clients.  The Complaint does not contain any quotes from Professor Dawkins or anyone at RDFRS  and should not be attributed to anyone else but me. (At least one online news source has already mistakenly suggested the language of the Complaint is Richard Dawkins' language.  It is not.)

Despite the public interest in this case, I have asked Professor Dawkins and the staff and Trustees of RDFRS not to comment on this litigation while it is still pending.

I hasten to emphasize, however, that the scope of this suit is narrow. Richard Dawkins' only role is as plaintiff in a single cause of action seeking the return of unearned money he personally paid Mr. Timonen.  The Foundation's claims seek the return of profits from the sale of merchandise from the Store on the RDF website that defendants failed to remit to RDFRS.   NO DIRECT DONATIONS TO THE FOUNDATION OR NON-BELIEVERS GIVING AID HAVE BEEN MISAPPROPRIATED.

The Store has been under the Foundation's direct control since May 2010 and stringent financial safeguards have been established to insure its profits will be used to further RDFRS's charitable mission. Richard Dawkins regrets that his trust in a colleague has proved to be misplaced. The Trustees of RDFRS authorized the filing of the pending suit to recover all the profits generated by the Store and reassure all Store customers that the proceeds from their purchases will benefit the causes of reason and science.

Questions (from media only) about the legal process or status of the California litigation may be directed to me at this email address:


Blaine Greenberg, Esq.

Due to ongoing litigation and the advice of counsel, we will not be accepting comments on this topic


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