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US mid-term elections


I think it's very important for all of us (USA) to get out and vote on Tuesday. Until this week, I was not too excited about the whole thing and was sort of looking forward to a Republican victory. However, I recently heard some things on the radio which gave me cause to think again.

I'm beginnig to consider the possibility that the Conservative Republican Tea Party might be a breeding ground for an incipient neo-fascist movement. As a Jew, I worry when I hear the "good-old boys" talking about "taking back our country" from the liberal elites. THe public voices of the Tea Party stop just short (sometimes not at all) of calling our President a traitor. They say he doesn't care for our country. Behind all this noise lurks, in my opinion, anti-black, anti-jew, anit-everybody-who-isn't-white & christian (Protestant) racism and xenophobia.

I'm worried about the future of my country and urge all like-minded citizens to get out there and do what you can to help prevent a Conservative, crypto-fascist take-over.

That's my two-cents on this topic. My apologies to all you Brits who are not really involved in this issue.



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