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Hitchens on Lateline (ABC Australia)

Just an announcement for the Australians who might want to see this that the ABC program Lateline on Wed, Thu 17-18th November will feature an interview with Christopher Hitchens. Details are below but note that next week is this week.

Next week on Lateline, author and journalist Christopher Hitchens talks frankly about his battle with cancer, his treatment and its impact.

In a Tony Jones special interview recorded in Washington, Hitchens talks about his legacy as a writer and what an early death will potentially rob him of. He is 61.

He also talks extensively about American and international politics, reflecting on many of the themes covered in his recent memoir, Hitch22.

Hitchens says in the Lateline interview to be broadcast next Wednesday and Thursday nights:

“Looking death more closely in the eye as I have been doing doesn’t teach you much that you don’t already know, surprisingly.”

“I’m finding out how this can be managed. Whether I can live with it. Whether it can be treat(sic). I doubt its curable I think the word curable doesn’t really apply but it can be treatable. What kind of life and how much of it I have is my pre-occupation now.”

“As Thomas Jefferson said I don’t mind if my neighbour believes in one god or 15 gods, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg as long as he or she leaves me alone. I don’t even want to know what they think.”

For a decade Hitchens has had an association with the Lateline program as a regular commentator.

Next week on Lateline with Tony Jones – Wednesday, November 17 and Thursday, November 18 at 10.30pm on ABC1.

Usually there is a video or at least a transcript afterwards on the Lateline website.




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